The company specializes in the repair, maintenance, supply and modernization of industrial X-ray equipment.

Our company is a service center of the factories “YXLON International” (Germany, Denmark), and pulsed x-ray units “Arina”, “Shmel”, other ones of continuous action “RPD”, “RAP”, etc.

All work is carried out promptly, efficiently, with high quality and a guarantee that confirms the further trouble-free operation of the repaired X-ray equipment.

The company occupies a leading position in Ukraine in the field of repair of industrial X-ray equipment and offers:
Pulsed X-ray units: ARINA, MIRA, NORA, IRI, SHMEL, PION, etc.
Continuous units: RAP150 / 300,  RPD200, и RPD250, Smart 200, Smart 200, Site-X and others,

Repair and modernization of industrial X-ray television systems of domestic and imported production:
Pulsed x-ray unit: ARINA-1, -3, -5, -7; SHMEL 250; and SR -120 SR -160 etc.;
Continuous units: 0,3 SBK 160, 0,3 SBK 180, 0,3 SBK 200, 0,3 SBK 250.
Industrial X-ray television systems with analog – digital image processing.
Software development. Digital radiography.