Designed for radiography of welded joints in the field when laying and maintaining oil and gas pipelines, as well as pipe flow survey  of unions, cables,  concrete elements and honeycombs.

The X –ray pulse units SHMEL- 250 pulse X-ray one differs from the outdated Soviet-made pulse ones by the new high-voltage monoblock design, which ensures reliable operation of the unit during long exposures.

Type of X-ray tube – IMA5-320D.

Main advantages of the units SHMEL – 250:

  1. High reliability of the units;
  2. The time of continuous operation before shutting down according to temperature is 40 min / hour;
  3. The tube life is 2 times higher, because it is higher transformer coefficient of efficiency.
  4. The monoblock of the apparatus is equipped with a fan and a built-in temperature control system that ensures the shutoff of the unit in case of overheating;
  5. Watering construction of monoblock and control panel;
  6. Remote signal lamp;
  7. High translucency on steel:
  • – RT-2 with fluorescent screens of VP-  type                    254 mm
  • – F8 with RCF (AGFA) fluorometallic screens                  34 mm
  • – D7 with Pb foil 0,027mm                                               26 mm
  1. The diameter of the focal spot, mm – 2.0;
  2. The mass of the monoblock, kg – 8.2, the control panel – 1.9;
  3. Overall dimensions, mm:
    monoblock – 541x112x210,
    remote control – 481x124x220;
  4. The X-ray unit consists of two blocks: an X-ray monoblock and a control panel.
  5. Interconnection is made with a frost-resistant low-voltage cable (24V) with a length of 25 meters;
  6. The best ratio of mass and power consumption to translucency;
  7. Power supply from field bus 220V or rechargeable batteries;
  8. A possibility of application in mobile flaw detection laboratories;
  9. The units have a biological protection against backward and scattered radiation, which ensures the safe operation of the operator without the use of special protective equipment.
The distance between the monoblock and the X-ray film * — 1,0м, ** — 0,5м.
Optical density of the film   2,2
Exposure time   15 мин.
The development time   6 мин.
The temperature of the developer G 128 (AGFA)   20°C

The warranty on the supplied x-ray units is 12 months. The company is an authorized service center of the manufacturer of LLC “Flash Electronics”, Russia and provides warranty and postwarranty support of the supplied units, including repair of X-ray ones SHMEL.

Pulse X-ray machine of the “SHMEL” series