Pulsed X-ray units of the series “ARINA” are intended for radiographic quality control of welded joints.

Thickness of translucent steel with lead shields, mm 15 20 40 45 45
The thickness of the translucent steel with the use of fluorescent reinforcing screens, mm 30 40 80 90 85
Amplitude of a high voltage pulse, kV 150 200 250 ÷ 270 300 300
Amplitude of a high voltage pulse, kV 3 2 2 2,5 2,5
Emitter weight, kg 6,5 6 8,5 9 7,8
Control panel weight, kg 0,5 5 6 5 6,4
Dimensions of the radiator, mm 110х180х420 110х220х460 130х150х580 135х215х520 460х150х220
Dimensions of the control panel, mm 100х60х60 90х240х260 120х320х380 120х320х330 375х290х85

Since April 2006, the “Arina-3” unit has been on sale in a new, improved version. The new model can work almost without interruption for cooling due to the higher efficiency of the x-ray emitter. In this case, the emitter has a significantly lower weight and dimensions.

The maximum thickness of translucent steel is achieved by using a high speed film such as STRUCTURIX D 8 in combination with fluorescent intensifying screens.

Delivery conditions:

1. Delivery is carried out under the contract, on conditions of 100% prepayment.
2. Delivery time is up to 30 days.
3. The customer enterprise must have a license for the right to use sources of ionizing radiation.
4. The warranty on the supplied X-ray units is 12 months.
The enterprise “Quartz” carries out repair of the units of the series “ARINA”, as well as commissioning, provides warranty and post-warranty service of the supplied x-ray units.

Pulse X-ray machine series “ARINA”