The “Interrentgen” enterprise carries out repairs of portable flaw detectors of the MART series, represented by two small-sized thermionic devices – MART-200 and MART-250. Flaw detectors of this series are designed for operation in the field, when an improved image quality is required in comparison with impulse devices. The MART-250 apparatus uses a tube with a side exit of X-ray radiation in a solid angle of about 50 °, and in the MART-200 apparatus – with an end exit of radiation at an angle of 140 °, which allows taking panoramic images.

mart-200 MARCH-200: regulated voltage on the X-ray tube in the range of 105 – 200 kV, end radiation output. It can be used for directional and pseudo-panoramic transmission. Weight – 6 kg.
mart-250 Adjustable voltage on the X-ray tube in the range of 130 – 250 kV, side radiation output. Directional transillumination method. Weight – 9 kg.


Repair of flaw detectors MART-200 and MART-250