The new remote control is compatible with Y.SMART, Y.XPO and EVO units. Backward compatibility gives a second life to old hardware.

Supporting Y.SMART, Y.XPO and EVO technologies, the new control unit is able to solve all current tasks and is prepared for updating the model range of emitters. A powerful proc

essor, a modern operating system, Bluetooth, Ethernet and USB interfaces open up new possibilities for YXLON digital X-ray units.




Additional features:

  • 6.5 ”high-contrast color display.
  • Intuitive Service and User Menu
  • Limit kV and exposure time options
  • Demo mode for training
  • Diagnostic reports written to USB
  • Service messages in text format
  • Connectors for external signal lamps, door switches, Ethernet and USB
  • Exposure calculator.

More information: YXYLON SMART EVO

Specifications Control  EVO
Connection interface USB, Ethernet и Bluetooth
Display Color, 6.5”
Special features Shoulder strap
Direct access to parameters kv, мА and time
Exposure Calculator
Emergency stop
Weight 13 kg
Power supply 85-264 AC, 45-65 Hz
Remote control for digital X-ray units YXLON SMART Evo series